Friday, July 6, 2012

Branching Out

I finally started to branch out from commercial watercolor painting to "fine art" pieces when I "reluctantly" signed up for an online watercolor class given by Vinita Pappas.  I had already been painting in watercolor for many years but it did sound like fun, something different for me.  And I already knew Vinita is a wonderful artist and teacher from her free online lessons.  So I took the plunge, signed up, and it literally changed my life.  What a change going from greeting card sized watercolor illustrations outlined with a crow quill pen, and exacting pen calligraphy, on hot press watercolor paper.  In the class it was larger sizes of course, larger brushes, rougher paper, more freedom of expression.  The class has ended unfortunately but Vinita is doing an online workshop this month that I've signed up for and will report on here.  I'm still learning and it's so exciting!  Here are two pieces painted from references from the class.  Vinita lives in Oregon which has some beautiful scenery.  

My 7"x10" watercolor after Vinita's demo

My 7"x10" watercolor after Vinita's demo

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