Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Altadena Pen Sketch

 I realized I didn't post this pen sketch from quite awhile back.  It was one of our last paint-outs before having to stay at home.  We met in Altadena to paint at a stable we've enjoyed on several previous visits.  In 2015 we met at the stable for the first time, Altadena Ranch.  It was always a relaxing paint-out day.   But on this Saturday, they had something planned so we weren't allowed to paint there.  No problem.  The properties around the stable have a lot of possible views to try.  I walked around a bit to see some of the horses visible from the main road.  I settled on trying another colorful pen sketch where I had a bit of shade to sit in.  It's been fun trying dry media like pens for a change.

5' x 7" Pens

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