Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fair Oaks

The Saturday paint-out group returned to the Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena yesterday, appropriate for Halloween weekend.  We were there two years ago to participate in James Gurney's October Graveyard Challenge, October Challenge!  That challenge was a lot of fun to try, and only three colors were allowed to be used.

No limits this time but I didn't necessarily want to paint the headstones and monuments even though they are old and beautiful at this cemetery.  I was hoping for a great view of the mountains and the low morning light was wonderful, but nothing appealed in that direction.  I walked around.  There are also many terrific old trees.  Across the street, some men were working on a billboard.  There was some nice light on one of the gate pillars, but it would change quickly.  Finally the verticals of the power poles and palm trees just across Fair Oaks Avenue caught my eye.  A very peaceful place to paint.

5" x 7" Watercolor


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