Sunday, August 13, 2017

Garden Archway

One of the paint-out groups is lucky to be invited to paint at a private home that is very lovely.  So far I've been able to visit the estate three times.  There are so many views to paint there that I spend too much time walking around considering a composition.  Front yard, back yard, side yards, pool, vista across the arroyo...many spectacular views.  On my previous visit I painted a gouache piece, View from the Terrace.  I've always wanted to try the pretty archway and gate.  The light kept changing so much but I gave it a try in watercolor.  Looking forward to next time!

8" x 10" Watercolor

Garden plumb bob


  1. Sherry what a beautiful interpretation of this garden. I love the glow of the pinks you found in the building and sidewalk. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Debbie, Thank you for such a nice comment! It's such a pretty home.