Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Park Bridge

It's lotus season at Echo Park so we were there recently for our Saturday paint-out.  It's such a pretty park with its lake, trees and flowers, downtown view, and the bridge.  My previous post on Echo Park was Ice Cream!  It's interesting to see what appeals for a painting with each visit to the park.  I didn't see much of the ice cream vendor this time.  But the old, steel, footbridge really stood out.  The bridge's gates are locked.  It must have been fun to walk across at one time.  It's such a wonderful blue green color which stood out from the yellow plants blooming below it, and I hadn't tried painting it before.  I'll try painting the lotuses maybe next time.

8" x 10" Watercolor

Friendly ducks looking for a treat from this family. 


  1. Hi Sherry - just found your blog while checking out fb. I am an oil painter but am very interested in gouache and watercolor (esp for traveling). I also find Virtual Paintout fun but haven't done it for awhile. This winter perhaps I'll get back to it. Happy painting and take care!