Monday, July 31, 2017

Another Fun Challenge

For July the amazing James Gurney offered another challenge for plein air artists.  I missed his first gas station challenge but loved trying the next one which was painting an outdoor market, Painting Challenge.  Then for Halloween a few months later there was the October Graveyard Challenge, October Challenge!

Somehow I missed a couple of the events in 2016, but happily this month we had James Gurney's Dead Vehicle Plein Air Painting Challenge.  Fortunately for me there is a well-known old, dead truck nearby at the stables.  I've painted this truck before in 2013, The Truck.  James Gurney's challenges are just for fun, not a contest.  Artists need to show a photo of the artwork in progress at the location.  I wanted to try painting the truck again, and our Saturday group met there so we could participate in the event.  There is usually a chicken or two sitting on the truck but I didn't see any this time.   A fun morning!

7" x 5" Gouache


  1. I love your truck painting Sherry, it would make a great large painting too!