Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Grotto

The paint-out group recently returned to the church a block from my house, Holy Family in South Pasadena.  A few months ago I painted the 1928 Spanish Baroque building in Painting at the Church.  Our paintings will be displayed in the bookstore sometime soon so we were back to paint another piece.  I chose the south side of the church, with its stained glass windows, which is shaded by a huge, old fig tree.  The grotto was draped with a blooming bougainvillea that caught my eye.  I might try another view soon!

7" x 5" Gouache


  1. A beautiful painting, Sherry - yes, the stained glass windows are really great!

  2. Your depth of tone is perfect Sherry, a lovely painting

  3. You captured the stained glass so well, Sherry. Another beauty.

    1. I always appreciate your comments Terry!