Friday, November 14, 2014

E. Waldo Ward Ranch

I recently painted at The E. Waldo Ward Ranch in Sierra Madre again.  A producer of "Gourmet Food Products", their history goes back to 1891 when the land was bought and orange trees were planted.  In 1902 a large, beautiful home and a red barn were built.  Both are still in use at the homey property.  On my first paint-out there, I tried my first plein air gouache piece and posted it in Ward Ranch.  This time I tried a watercolor from across the street, looking down the main driveway, capturing a bit of the old home and red barn.  I'm working on applying some things I hope I learned in the workshops I took this summer.  One of the paint-out groups is returning to the Ward Ranch soon and I'll have another opportunity to paint and shop in their small store.  It's always a fun day.  

8 x 10" Watercolor


  1. Yay! a chance to see one of your beautiful water colors. And Ward ranch - don't you wish they hadn't sold off their original 30 acres down to the remaining two? Actually I'd never heard of this place. Maybe we can get Barbara to arrange a meeting here (for me).

    1. It's a very charming spot. Barbara has talked about putting it on the location list.

  2. Favorite parts are the flag and the tower - lovely!

  3. Nearly missed this one Sherry, I agree with Joani I am drawn to the flag too and once again your colours are so much better than the actual scene

  4. Dear Sherry - this is a lovely work of art. Your composition and colors are fabulous. Makes me feel like I am just ready to step into the piece and walk that road. Feel the magnificent sunshine too as well as the coolness in the shadows. So glad you shared.