Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tournament Park

Last month the Saturday paint-out group met at Tournament Park in Pasadena.  You and I would think that I've painted at least once at all the nearby parks.  But, no.  Our paint-out leader who chooses the locations, Barbara Field, is terrific at finding new and different places for us.

Tournament Park is located on one side of the Caltech campus.  It's managed by Caltech but is open to the public and available for private functions.  It's an old and historical park.  I've added a photo of a plaque commemorating some of the events that took place there.  Another nice day for painting, and the park is full of great shade trees with lots of dappled light.  It's kind of secluded, not being on a busy street, so we had it to ourselves.  Just some families taking kids to the play area and some dog walkers.  I was interested in the backyards of the homes bordering the length of the park so I chose a picnic table to paint from with a view to a pretty backyard.  The sunshine kept moving through the trees and I kept moving too so I could stay in the shade.  I was going to add a dog walker but decided on a squirrel instead.  I like the cool colors in this piece, maybe because it's near 100 today. 

5 x 7" Gouache


  1. You are tops when it comes to colour Sherry

  2. Great job with that dappled light, Sherry. I love the little squirrel, and I'm so interested in that house in the background!