Sunday, August 26, 2012

St. Vincent's Court

St. Vincent's Court in downtown Los Angeles was our exciting location for the Saturday paint-out.  It's located between Broadway and Hill on 7th Street.  It began as Saint Vincent's College in the 1800's and is now a California Registered Historical Landmark.  From my younger years, I remember it being an alley for deliveries for the Bullock's department store there.  It is much more charming now with its many ethnic cafes.  A great place for plein air painting with many interesting views.  

One of the problems I've had with my plein air painting experience since starting a few months ago has been trying to leave out a lot of what I see.  I've ruined several paintings with too many brushstrokes, putting in too many tree branches, etc.  I've tried to learn from my unsuccessful attempts.  So, there I was choosing a view to paint which included potted palms, tables, chairs, patterned umbrellas, shadows, fire escapes, windows, striped awnings, all on a patterned brick street.  Maybe a recipe for disaster but I was inspired.  I had fun chatting with the shoe shine man I was sitting next to.  Here is my painting and a photo of my view.  I'm also posting a photo from my painting spot looking in the opposite direction with even more going on.  I thought about it.  Maybe I'll try that view next time.  These photos were taken in the morning when the cafes were setting up to open. 



  1. Hi Sherry - I love seeing how you tackle your subjects. What to put in and what to leave out is a problem. Unlike you I tend leave out more than I should maybe, but hey I've only done 4 plein air expeditions so lots to learn still and you my friend are my biggest inspiration with all this plein air stuff. Take care x

  2. Love your interpretation of reality! You don't just get rid of 'problems', you know what to keep and how to bring out the best of the location! Beautiful work.
    Warm regards.

  3. Love your rendition, Sherry. It's warmer and even more inviting than the photo! Hard subject, well done.

    1. Thanks Terry! The choices were overwhelming and it was kind of difficult to find a spot that wouldn't be in people's way as the day progressed.

  4. I think you described this place very effectively. I love to stop there for coffee! It has detail, but doesn't feel labored- I like that.