Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mission Playhouse

Mission Playhouse in San Gabriel, CA was the location for the plein air group on Saturday.  It's a beautiful building, dedicated in 1927, and located next to the San Gabriel Mission (1771).  For quite a few years it was known as the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium, but is now back to its original name.  To me the architecture seems very unusual and has lots of beautiful features and details, colorful tiles, and chandeliers.  While it's a pretty building, I thought it was difficult to paint.  During the few hours we spent there the light and shadows on the building seemed to change by the minute.  I'll add a couple of photos of it here.  Maybe I'll try the fountain next time.  I always learn something and have fun painting with my friends.

This old box office is such a beautiful accent.  I added it to my painting.


  1. I love this Sherry and wouldnt know you struggled with it, beautiful light

  2. Gorgeous. It looks so natural especially with the addition of the birds. Nice touch.

    1. Thanks Laura! I should have added people, but pigeons will have to do. :-)

  3. Very beautiful Sherry! I like the color's you chose to light it!
    Warm regards.