Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Twenty Minutes!

On Facebook last month I ran across Mary Gilkerson's painting challenge which, well, sounded like a challenge.  The challenge was to paint a 20-30 minute painting a day for 5 days straight.  Subject matter, medium, and size were all the artists' choice.  I really wasn't sure how I would do with a painting challenge like this one but thought it would be fun to try.  Most of my paintings are done outside, not a large size, and I know those take me an hour plus.  My smaller plein air pieces are 5" x 7" which I can spend at least an hour painting.  I decided to try that size for the 20-30 minutes, and of course plan ahead and paint quickly.  I took a photo in a corner of my backyard for reference.  Got my paints ready, clock ready...

I knew this would be a valuable exercise.  Simplifying shapes and not getting too detailed would be the goal.  I was pretty much finished at 25 minutes and I liked the painting.  I think my biggest problem was that I couldn't use as much water as I usually do.  With the time limit, I needed to go back into areas which were still too wet.  Not a good thing usually.  I did have fun and learned from the challenge although I only painted two views.  I decided to try more paintings at a smaller size.  Coming soon!

7" x 5" Watercolor

7" x 5" Watercolor