Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Olympiad Saturday

When rain or showers are a possibility the Saturday paint-out group likes to paint at Cal Tech in Pasadena.  There are many covered walkways for shelter if it starts to drizzle.  There were showers predicted so Cal Tech it was.  It turned out that Saturday was also the Southern California State Science Olympiad Tournament, hosted at Cal Tech.  There were hundreds of middle and high school students participating.  The campus is usually very quiet on a Saturday so this was unusual for us.

No problem for our group though.  There are always wonderful views to paint at the campus and we could stay out of the way of the tournament.  Several of us painted near the raised lily pond where the lilies looked beautiful.  I chose a view away from the lilies towards a courtyard I've always liked.  The light on the patio beyond the dark trees caught my eye so I  tried a small watercolor.

5" x 7" Watercolor

So many students competing!

The lily on the right was just a bud two hours earlier.


  1. Nice additions to your painting, Sherry - love umbrellas!

    1. Hi Joani, Thank You! Have a happy Easter!