Thursday, October 20, 2016

Under the Oaks

Our wonderful Saturday plein air group was back in Highland Park a few weeks ago to paint at the 1889 Church of the Angels.  On my previous visit last year I painted a gouache piece of my view across Avenue 64 to the hillside homes, Avenue 64.  So far I haven't tried painting the church.  I didn't try it on this paint-out either.  On the north side of the church driveway is a small undeveloped hillside with oak trees and of course, fallen oak leaves.  The light on the house and fence next door to the area caught my eye.  In the dappled light and drifts of oak leaves it was a challenge to find a good place to set up my painting materials.  I ended up sitting on a rock and had to pay attention to visiting squirrels and bugs.  Next time I might try painting the church.

8" x 10" Watercolor

Visiting Katydid

Church of the Angels