Friday, September 11, 2015

The Rose Home

It was back in July that we painted at the San Gabriel home of the Rose family.  Originally from Bavaria, Leonard Rose came to California in 1860 and established his family in the San Gabriel Valley.  He had many acres of orchards, a vineyard, he bred horses on his ranch named "Rosemead" (a city now), and he even became a state senator.  His son Guy Rose became a top early California Impressionist painter.   

The original 1861 Rose home is still there, the oldest wood structure in the area.  It was a very sunny morning when we met to paint the house but the bright sun and deep shadows were beautiful.  There was one tree across the street that provided some shade for most of us and I tried a quick gouache piece before it got too hot.  I kept imagining the suburban neighborhood and businesses with none of it there except for the red house.  While we painted, several neighbors walked by and bicycled past mentioning the history of the landmark structure.  Nice to hear how much it's appreciated!

5" x 7" Gouache



  1. Sherry, this is gorgeous! I love it.

  2. looks like we were painting the same view - but yours came out so much better then mine. Ha! I'm loving the purple on the lattice work and how you smartly chose not to put in the pool. backyard, neighbors backyard etc.