Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Trails Cafe

We had a fun location I'd never visited before on the paint-out schedule recently.  It's the Trails Cafe on Fern Dell Drive in Griffith Park.  The cafe is really sort of an updated shack.  On a Friday it was very busy.  What a picturesque spot, which felt like being in a woodland with all the old trees.  For my watercolor I chose a view from the north side, looking through the order counter area.  Customers there were silhouetted in the light, and surrounded by the darker building and trees.  I wish I could have included the Trails sign, but it was too far away.  Next time I visit I'll try a snakedog and organic apple pie!

8 x 10" Watercolor



  1. Just the type of place I like. You made a lovely painting of it

  2. Always love your take on things, Sherry!

  3. How great your figures are in this painting Sherry

  4. I always love your paintings more than the actual photos! I feel like you've given me a tour of "unknown" LA. Love this painting.

    1. Thanks Terry! I've discovered places new to me for sure.