Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Green Hotel

I haven't painted in Pasadena's Central Park since early last summer.  The park has a great view of the famous and distinctive old Castle Green Hotel.  This was my fourth time painting the hotel.  I painted a gouache piece on my last visit and posted that in Castle Green Revisited.  I wanted to try a watercolor again and it was a beautiful day there.  The sun was out so we had some shadows on the hotel to add interest!  The park was busy in the morning where I was sitting, with a private trainer and his client, lots of loud grass mowing, and squirrels.  I feed some squirrels at home and it seems the squirrels in the parks know this and hang around looking at me for a hand-out of nuts.  Maybe on our next paint-out at the park I'll try a view of the lawn bowling, and bring some peanuts of course.

8 x 10 Watercolor

The lawn mower waiting for the artists to leave.  One last spot! 



  1. Sherry this is very good, your colours, tonal range and composition, a strong work that I admire

  2. I like the way the palm trees repeat the Hotel turrets!

  3. This may be my favorite one of your Green Hotel. Do you think that using gouache has influenced your regular watercolor painting? Some of your colors are so vivid - just great, Sherry!

    1. Thank you Terry. You've got me thinking about gouache influencing the watercolors. It must be somehow. Having fun with both.