Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baldwin Lake

It was another beautiful day to paint at the Arboretum.  My second recent visit there for painting.  Last month I posted my first plein air piece painted at that location in "The Arboretum".  Baldwin Lake borders three sides of Lucky Baldwin's Queen Anne Cottage.  The lake and cottage were used as the mysterious island location for the old TV program Fantasy Island.

I wanted to paint a view across the lake on my first visit but it seemed I couldn't get to the side I wanted to check out.  Walking around the lake through the "jungle" seemed endless and I had to chose a view and start painting.  This time I took one of the main roads and found the south side of the lake.  While I painted I had a lot of company from squirrels and water fowl.  Below my painting I've added photos of a few of the variety of birds there.  The two wood ducks hung around my painting spot for awhile, avoiding the mallards.  Lots of visiting Canada geese were preening by the main fountain.  The peacocks of course were right by the entrance to greet visitors.  



  1. Such a beautiful setting to paint. You really captured the serenity of the location, Sherry, and I love your COI.

  2. Terry just said exactly my words, really nice Sherry

    1. Hi Lorraine, Love your comments and visits!